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YES! Give me instant access to The "S.O.L.D" SYSTEM Video Marketing, YouTube Shorts and Bonuses Program that gets me FREE Traffic and Leads on Autopilot and Increases My Business by 100-500% in under 90 days, without spending a dime on advertising... EVER!  

I understand that with today's investment I am  entitled to receive 12 Digital Marketing BONUSES valued at $14,663 at no additional cost to me, all FREE with my purchase that comes with a conditional full one-year money back guarantee. 

My investment in The "S.O.L.D" System Organic Lead-Generation Video Marketing and YouTube Shorts and Bonuses Program includes:

60 Minute Welcome Introductory Evaluation And Strategy Call $297 

4 Tickets To Quarterly “S.O.L.D” SYSTEM Training Workshops $1,596  

One-Year Pass to Weekly Group Coaching Call $12,997 

Midway Program Check-In and Support Strategy Call $199

End of Program Congratulations Success Call, How's it Going  or Course Correction Rescue Call $297

TOTAL VALUE:   $17,380


My YouTube Business Channel Set-Up   (Value $447)

 Professional Graphic Design YouTube Cover Banner (Value $247)

Six To-Die-For Eye-Catching YouTube Thumbnails That Get Viewers To Click and Watch My Videos - $597

3 Unique Customized Conversion Focused Landing Pages To Capture and Follow Up With My Leads - $2,291

My Preferred Email Marketing Platform Set Up $497

My Welcome Autoresponder Email Message for When Leads First Enter My Funnel  $297

12 Professionally Written Lead Nurturing Emails, Scheduled, plus Template Design and Set-Up - $1,797

1000 Targeted Keywords Click And Conversion Focused (value $497)

30 SEO "Click And Conversion Focused" Video Titles  ($1,500)

30 Opening Video Hook Ideas ($197)

30 Gary Vee / Grant Cardone / Alex Hormozi Caption Style Videos ($5,999)

One Month Calendar Customized 30-day Video Posting Schedule ($297)


The "S.O.L.D" System - Strategic Organic Leads on Demand. Video Marketing Mentorship Plus Shorts & Bonuses$0

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Comprehensive Implementation Support: If you diligently implement all the strategies as outlined in your online course or program, and do not see measurable results within one year, our team is committed to working closely with you. 

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In the unlikely event that our extended support does not lead to the outcomes promised in the program, we will happily issue a full refund. 

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  • Ensure that you have implemented all strategies outlined in your online course or program. 
  •  Place all completed tasks and assignments in your student folder. 
  • Take time stamped screenshots of before and after implementation, and submit  to completed tasks that did not produce results.
  • Provide feedback and engage with our team during the one-year period for us to effectively assist you. 
  • Submit a refund request with relevant details if you do not see results after one year of consistent effort and adherence to our guidance.

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Sean O'Brien
CEO Reliance Home Comfort, Toronto Canada

The “SOLD” System really works! Just two years after working with Nakimbe and implementing her organic lead-gen strategies, we increased our revenues by double digits the got acquired for $2.8 Billion by Li Ka-Shing CK Group

Brad Loder, MBA
Vice President, Cambridge Global  Sydney AU

Under Nakimbe's leadership and her

Organic Lead-Generation “SOLD” Solution -   we grew our LinkedIn followers from 3023 to over 9,000 (without spending a dime on advertising) and increased revenues so much within 18 months  and were bought by FleetCor  $690M!

Alethia Cadore
Registered Psychotherapist, Baltimore, MD

I just want to thank Nakimbe and The "SOLD" System for helping me create some great videos, that led to  some great leads and great business, including more sales, cash  (and confidence!). Thanks!

LaTino Bellismo
Bello Stylez Barbershop, Grand Prairie AB

Even at the beginning of the pandemic - The "SOLD" System  really saved us. We had to shut down a bunch of times due to covid, but thank goodness we still grew our followers by 46% and gained 22% more new clients!  

Tony Nelson, Restaurant Owner
King of Philly Cheesesteaks, Gulf Port MS

Took our income from $300,000 a year to over half million in 12 months! We were doing well but wanted to get more customers without spending any money on ads. We implemented a few SOLD SYSTEM tactics on social media and a mobile tactics and made $656,000 the next year. Brilliant!

Steve Fireing
CEO EmbanetCompass, Chicago IL

$650 Million! Nakimbe’s lead-gen strategies increased our revenues and helped us get acquired by Pearson Education Group for $650 Million.

Ryan O'Niel Knight
Afro-Caribbean Business Network [Non-Profit]

Nakimbe Helped Us Earn over $1 Million in 14 Months after working with her! We needed to get our brand straight. We needed more followers and members. With Nakimbe’s strategies, we earned $1M just 14 months later! SOLD IS GOLD! 

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